Chris and Dr. John Burns

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The Cape May Country Coast Guard Community Foundation has announced Dr. John Burns as one of the recipients of their Hometown Heroes Awards for 2021. Each year, the Foundation carefully identifies those who have shown support, dedication and made a difference in unique and memorable ways within the Coast Guard Community by soliciting awardee nominations from Coast Guard personnel and command, and from the community at large.

Dr. John Burns, a member of USCG Auxiliary 82, has volunteered countless hours of his time in various capacities supporting local Coast Guard units and the community as a whole. His selfless service positively affects members and families of the Coast Guard while bolstering overall community relations.  As a certified Officer of the Day for the Coast Guard Cutters BONITO, HAMMERHEAD, and SHEARWATER, Dr. Burns dedicates time to standing watch, often on weekends. He also served as the Auxiliary Unit Coordinator for Station Cape May. Once again, Dr. Burns worked tirelessly to recruit an additional communication watch stander for Station Cape May. His efforts were successful and led to the certification of an additional Auxiliary member who maintains watch over the unit’s radios and monitors for reports of distress.

To top it off, at the height of the pandemic, Dr. Burns and his wife Chris tediously constructed face coverings for Coast Guard members and their families. The face coverings were delivered at a critical time when commercial availability of a similar product was negligible. They provided direly needed face coverings to ensure the safety of the Coast Guard members and their families, to include special fabric patterns for use by children. They also donated face coverings to the Cumberland County Guidance Center, First Step Clinic in Bridgeton, and to the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Cape May. The actions displayed by Dr. Burns align seamlessly with the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. Dr. Burns’ desire to assist Coast Guard members and their families is unyielding and is most deserving of recognition for his selfless service to others. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve alongside an individual who enthusiastically supports the community at large. Dr. Burns is someone who goes above and beyond for others. We are pleased to recognize Dr. John Burns, as a 2021 Hometown Hero award recipient.

The mission of the Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation is to nurture the relationship between Coast Guard members and their families and the people of Cape May County.  The Foundation hosts and promotes family-friendly activities throughout the year, including its signature annual Coast Guard Community Festival, to celebrate the men and women of the United States Coast Guard serving in the South Jersey region.  These and other programs honor Coast Guard men and women who serve our country and celebrate the County’s designation as a Coast Guard Community. Learn more at www.coastguardcommunity.org

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