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Cape Regional Medical Center reported the following births: 

Stella Reese Sundstrom to Christine Rossi Sundstrom and Roy Sundstrom of Cape May, Sept 25 

Skylar Elizabeth Hammerstein to Brittany Faircloth and Shane Hammerstein of Villas, Sept 26 

Zahvia Mo’Nay Broughton to Shiarea Godwin and Brandon Broughton of Cape May Ct Hs, Sept 26 

Simon David Kincade to Fausta Kincade and Tim Kincade of Villas, Sept 27 

Nora Josephine Conlow to Lenore Harwood Conlow and Joshua Conlow           of Villas, Sept 28 

Julianah Faye Lloyd-Smith to Paige Lloyd and Khamal Smith of Wildwood, Sept 28 

River Rose Grosso to Danielle Wolfe and Dominic Grosso of Cape May Ct Hs, Oct 1 

Shore Medical Center reported the following births: 

Dexter James Brockman to Dana Love and Daniel Brockman of Rio Grande, Sept 4 

Alonzo Manuel DeJesús Alarcón to Arianna Alarcón Figueroa and Jorge DeJesús Droz of Cape May, Sept 5   

Charlee Ann Locuson to Victoria and Philip Locuson of Woodbine, Sept 5 

Hudak (son) to Kelly Anne and Charles Hudak of Ocean City, Sept 6 

Andria Fellenbaum to Christina Hobbs-Fernie and Thomas Fellenbaum of Dennis Township, Sept 15 

Max Edward Drabkoski to Amanda and Marc Drabkoski of Marmora, Sept 16 

Heath Everett Walker to Brittany and Patrick Walker of Ocean City, Sept 18 

Vera Sage Tracy to Bridget and John Tracy, Jr., of Cape May Court House, Sept 18 

Faren Luna Lakey to Andrea and Scot Lakey of Cape May, Sept 19 

Avery Jane Conway- Guthrie to Skyler Conway and Anthony Guthrie of Rio Grande, Sept 22 

Ethan Slavinskas to Arial and Eduardas Slavinskas of Cape May, Sept 22 

Paisley-Rae and Briar-Rose Errickson (twin daughters) to Sarah and Jeffrey Errickson, Jr., of Petersburg, Sept 24 

Josephine Patricia Miller to Colleen Tomlinson and Jon Miller of Ocean City, Sept 24 

Delilah Jane Kennedy to Sarah and Mark Kennedy of Cape May Court House, Sept 26