The only attack Pete Byron’s challengers have are all LIES, LIES, LIES!

Those same challengers have no record of helping improve the City of Wildwood.

The TRUTH is Pete Byron has been bucking the majority on the Wildwood Board of Commissioners for years. Pete has:

• VOTED NO against the last two budgets because he opposed tax increases and irresponsible spending.

• SAYS NO to spending millions on engineering studies that say Wildwood has a flooding problem. It’s time to fix the flood!

• Increased beach revenues from $17,000 to nearly $400,000 in 8 years!

• SAID NO to a no-bid back bay development contract and received a lot of blowback for it. Vote for Pete Byron and the Wildwood4Change Team — STEVE MIKULSKI, KRISTA FITZSIMONS and PETE BYRON – this Tuesday, Nov. 5, so they can work together to launch their four-point plan to get Wildwood back on track.

1. They refuse to be a rubber stamp on tax increases and big spending by:

• Holding department heads, including commissioners, accountable for every dollar in their budgets.

• Hiring an independent auditor to reduce unnecessary spending.

• Creating sustainable sources of annual revenue for a long-term plan — not “one-trick-ponies.”

• Eliminating no-bid contracts and creating a public bid process for construction and engineering projects.

2. Promote and support the tourism industry by:

• Recovering revenues from the 2% tourism tax from Trenton and invest in improvements and tourism projects.

• Working with legislatures to secure a long-term renewable funding source for the boardwalk

• Using the Opportunity Zone to benefit residents and businesses. • Acquiring grants for promoting recreation and small business development.

3. Improve infrastructure and fix the flooding by:

• Developing Wildwood’s Back Bay using a proper public bid process.

• Encouraging new business development on Pacific Avenue.

• Creating a five-year street repair program by leveraging county, state, and federal grants.

• Obtaining FEMA Flood Mitigation Grants to install automated tidal control valves to keep floodwaters off the island.

4. Embrace the community and prove our commitment to Wildwood by:

• Providing police and fire departments with up-to-date equipment to keep crime and drugs off our streets.

• Taking politics out of the workplace and establish a merit-based atmosphere for city employees.

• Creating an advisory board of residents, business owners, and city employees.

• Creating an inclusive environment so all who live, work or visit the City of Wildwood will feel welcomed!

Usher in a NEW DAY for Wildwood with the promise of a team that will work together to bring accountability, honesty, and integrity. Vote COLUMN 1, 1 - 2 - 3 Nov.5, for Steve Mikulski, Krista Fitzsimons, and Pete Byron.

Ordered and paid for by the committee to elect Wildwood Triple Crown RID, P.O. Box 826, Wildwood, NJ 08260.