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The Cape Issues team was established in 2008 as a non-partisan volunteer group to advocate for the betterment of Cape May County, a very broad goal.  We have met monthly since and been fortunate to have the support of the Cape May County Herald from the beginning.  An early, informal survey revealed the number one issue in the County was the burden of municipal, County, State and education taxes. 

Keeping that concern in mind, Cape Issues published a 2020 program emphasis that listed four items we felt should be the high level focus of citizen needs in Cape May County.  These four broad issues, Economic Development, Education, Government Spending and Infrastructure, encompass many more specific items like affordable housing, coastal protection, healthcare, worker protection and all the things that support our tourism economy.  In addition, we expect the corona virus impact on government budgets which support public employee unions, infrastructure, existing services to the public, the arts and other non-profit organizations to be very challenging .   These issues and the relationships between our public safety employees and minority communities need to be on the agendas of our governing bodies. 

If you care about these types of public issues, we are looking for people who care about our County to join us in our monthly meetings (currently virtual).  To accommodate our members’ normal schedules, we meet at 7 a.m. on the first Tuesday every month.

We ask for your input on the options we currently have and those not yet proposed to make Cape May County an even better place to live and visit. Please contact us at

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