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COURT HOUSE - Cape Issues will host a meeting May 29 at Atlantic Cape Community College’s Court House campus, starting at 6 p.m.

Speakers will include Cape Issues member Peter Jesperson and Cape May County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Martin Pagliughi.

They will discuss the history of central dispatch, its associated challenges and benefits and Cape Issues’ involvement in the years-long process. This discussion will then be followed by a question-and-answer period.

Cape Issues started in March 2008, and has been focused on the central dispatch issue for several years. Many members have been dedicated advocates of the new county dispatch system, which has had some developments in the last year.

Cape Issues began as a small non-partisan group of individuals seeking to address issues of public concern within Cape May County. Since then, membership has grown with the number of issues addressed by the group.

According to a release, over the last decade, Cape Issues has benefited from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its members who have explored a wide range of issues pertaining to infrastructure, education, economic development and more.

Cape Issues has also met and partnered with business owners, educators and local legislators to work on those issues. It has always been a part of Cape Issues’ mission to solicit and incorporate public comment in its activities.

As described by the late Fred Coldren, former editor of the Cape May County Herald and a founding member of Cape Issues, the group was created to “focus public attention and invite public input."

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