Township residents will have the opportunity to cast their vote this November to continue the positive growth and energy seen under the current administration of Mayor Zeth Matalucci and Committeeman Matthew Cox.

Republicans Matalucci and Cox have worked hard over the past two years to make sure Dennis Township is one of the best places to live and work. Under Mayor Matalucci’s and Committeeman Cox’s leadership, township residents have seen a stable township tax rate with no increases. As township residents, both Mayor Matalucci and Committeeman Cox understand how far-reaching tax increases can be on local families and have worked diligently to lessen that impact.

While taxpayers have enjoyed zero increases, Mayor Matalucci and Committeeman Cox have been aggressive in finding and using grant money to make improvements in the township. Under their leadership, grant monies were made available for the revitalization of the Belleplain Chestnut Street Park, the purchase and preservation of the Academy Road House, the reconstruction of Wescott Road, and the purchase of an F-450 truck for the Department of Public Works.

In addition to obtaining grants to offset taxes, Mayor Matalucci and Committeeman Cox have taken a hardline on spending taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. By examining the township budget, they have cut government spending by consolidating positions and departments to save on costs. Both men have put their money where their mouths are, by reducing township committee members’ pay.

Both men have lived in Dennis Township their entire lives, and are now raising their families in the township. As parents, they understand these are dangerous times and they understand the importance of having schools that are safe havens for children.

To help ensure student safety, Mayor Matalucci and Committeeman Cox worked with the Dennis Township Board of Education to have armed officers in township schools who can appropriately react in the event of an emergency.

As family men, both Matalucci and Cox are proud of the work they’ve done to make positive, family-oriented community improvements that enhance Dennis Township’s reputation as a great place for families. They instituted the return of National Night Out and started online sports sign-ups for rec groups.

Over the past two years, Dennis Township has experienced positive growth. When going to the polls Nov. 5, it is important to continue Dennis Township’s bright future by voting for Mayor Zeth Matteucci and Committeeman Matthew Cox.

Ordered and paid for by Matalucci and Cox for Township Committee, P.O. Box 51, Dennisville, NJ 08270.