Wildwood Commissioner of Revenue and Finance Pete Byron took part in Tuesday’s "Under the Boardwalk" tour with Senate President Steve Sweeney. Byron has been working with Sweeney, as well as Sen. Bob Andrzejczak (D-1st) and U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-2nd) to create a better funding deal for reconstructing the boardwalk in Wildwood.

Byron initially was not comfortable with C-5 because it didn’t guarantee that Wildwood would receive funding. Wildwood was already burned by the Omnibus agreement for the Convention Center. The state made payments, but the city never received a nickel from the Christie administration.

Pete Byron and the Wildwood 4 Change team will have an open line of communication from Wildwood to Trenton, and beyond.

Pete Byron, Krista Fitzsimons, and Steve Mikulski - The Wildwood 4 Change team - are working with South Jersey legislators on an alternative source of funding. Instead of bonding $60 to $80 million to replace the boardwalk with no guarantee of payments from the state, the new bill will guarantee that Wildwood will receive grant money from the Transportation Trust Fund every year for boardwalk repairs.

By continuing to work together with the South Jersey Team, Pete Byron, Steve Mikulski and Krista Fitzsimons will see that Wildwood has the best financial solutions for its taxpayers.

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