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WILDWOOD - While fear of the highly contagious coronavirus has gripped the nation, there’s a stark reality for those dealing with addiction.

According to a release, “We know that our clients need support and, at this point, are more likely to die from a drug overdose than the coronavirus,” according to Katie Faldetta, executive director and CEO of Cape Assist, a substance abuse prevention and treatment agency that’s been serving the Cape May County community for nearly two decades.

While coronavirus might not be the greatest danger that people with addiction face, the complications from the outbreak can put their recovery at risk.

Times of stress, uncertainty and anxiety can trigger many who are in recovery, leading to urges to use again as a coping mechanism.  That’s why during this time when we are encouraged to “social distance,” counselors with Cape Assist are trying to remain closer than ever to their clients to ensure they stay on the right track.  

Through special accommodations like phone sessions or video chatting, counselors are offering clients continued contact and support without them having to come to the office.  Many thrive by leaning on others who are in the same boat and benefit most from group sessions, so rather than eliminating those sessions completely, Cape Assist has taken measures to make them safer by hosting meetings of small groups trying to keep at least six feet between everyone.

Faldetta, who has dedicated herself to improving the lives of those who struggle with substance abuse, is available to speak as an expert on addiction recovery and what needs to be done during these trying times to keep those in recovery moving in the right direction.