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Marsha Burke. 

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The weather’s getting nicer and we’re all looking to get out of our houses—what if we got out and made a positive impact in the community? Volunteering at a local organization whose mission you believe in is a great way to spend time in a way that can seem more valuable than day spent watching streaming services.

Volunteering gives people an opportunity to use their time and skills in service of others; there’s a good feeling that comes with helping other people, and an enjoyment in spending a day with others who share your convictions. Whether you schedule a weekly commitment, volunteer during summer or holidays, or spend one afternoon a year giving back; your donation of time can make a lasting change in your community and yourself.

Volunteering allows you the chance to be kind and helpful to others when everyone needs a little more kindness. We always can use love, affirmation of our worth, and some positivity in our lives. Assisting and interacting with staff and other volunteers allows you to be a part of that; believe that you are needed.

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