STONE HARBOR - It was “Make A Dress Day,” Oct. 26, at Quinn Hall of St. Paul Church of St. Brendan Parish, Stone Harbor.

According to a release, some 40 volunteers organized by “Prayers and Squares” of the parish. Volunteers included five high school girls.

The goal was to make dresses for girls in Africa and Central America.

The event was the fourth held by the “Prayers and Squares” group. The first was in 2017.

Small labels were sewn on the dresses, or skirts, bearing the words “Make A Dress.” When those labels are seen by bands of sex traffickers, the girls are protected from being abducted. Visit the “Make A Girl A Dress Around The World” website for information.

This year, there was a request for skirts for the girls, so the plan for the day was modified. A total of 66 skirts will be delivered to an “ambassador” who will, in turn, take them to a missionary going to a particular country.

For some of the recipients, these skirts and shirts will be their entire wardrobe.

“Prayers and Squares”, an international, inter-denominational organization also has a website explaining its mission. The group at St. Paul Church is Chapter 1000 and has been in existence for eight years.