Woodbine Eighth Graders Visit Municipal Building, Learn Civics Lesson

Students from Woodbine Elementary School visited Woodbine Borough Hall to learn the duties of municipal employees.

WOODBINE - Woodbine’s annual “Student Government Day” was held May 29 the Woodbine Municipal Complex.

According to a release, members of the eighth-grade class from Woodbine Elementary School, accompanied by teachers Tom Mozitis, Pegge Bodenschatz, and June Buthy spent the morning at Borough Hall learning about the workings of municipal government and history and issues specific to the Borough.

Clerk/Registrar/Collector Lisa Garrison described her duties as both borough clerk and borough tax collector explained the role and importance of vital statistics collector and discussed aspects of both the borough’s water (and eventually sewer) utility and the Woodbine Municipal Airport, which is also a borough utility.

She provided information about governmental forms and duties of elected officials.

Land Use Board Secretary Monsy Gallardo-Rodriguez reviewed relevant practical issues pertaining to zoning and land use.

As a certified Court Administrator, she also spoke about the importance of staying out of trouble and of job preparation as both impact the students’ futures.

She also spoke on how official minutes of both the Land Use Board and the Borough Council preserve the history of the community.

Webmaster Bernard Sypniewski explained what can be found online at the borough website and asked the students for suggestions for improving and expanding the website.

Mayor William Pikolycky then spoke with the students about both governmental forms and duties and Woodbine’s history. He detailed work on the Open Space EcoPark and asked the students to share ideas for additional amenities for it.

Students participating were: Tyrone Bard, Antonette Gibson, Jada Elston, Yamila Moran, Abian Lopez-Marin, Kylie Rose, Magaly Tohom-Dominguez, Samuel Maldonado Feliciano, Brooklyn Thomas, Nyasia Price.

“I enjoyed meeting with this group of enthusiastic students and, as always, I extend an invitation to our home- or private-schooled eighth graders to contact my office for their own tour of our municipal offices and to add their suggestions for the EcoPark,” added Pikolycky.