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CREST HAVEN - Cape May County accepted a grant award to assist with cancer education and early detection.  

According to a release, the grant from the state is worth $189,064 with in-kind matching funds of $151,961 for a total amount of $341,025. 

The New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection (NJCEED) program in the county educates and screens for breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancers.  

CEED also provides outreach education on cancer. Services include: screening, education, case management, tracking, follow-up and facilitating treatment for those diagnosed with cancer. 

“Catching cancer early on in the process can be the difference between life and death,” stated Freeholder Jeffrey Pierson, liaison to the Health Department. “I am proud of the work our county is doing to help residents find the warning signs before it is too late. These grant dollars make a positive impact in our county.” 

Women over age 40 are screened for breast cancer and cervical cancer. Women 21 to 40-years-old are screened in Family Planning for cervical cancer. Women and men over 45 years of age are screened for colon cancer and men aged 50 and over are educated to make informed decision on screening for prostate cancer.  

Clients must be uninsured or under insured, live in Cape May County, and meet the financial requirements.   

The NJCEED program is offered in all 21 counties in New Jersey. Women’s clinics are held at the Health Department three times a month and a Men’s clinic is held once a month.  

“These are the types of services our residents in Cape May County rely on,” stated Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerald M. Thornton. “This ensures we will continue to be able to provide the necessary screenings to hopefully catch the cancer before it is too late.” 

For information regarding cancer screenings or to find out when a clinic is going to be offered visit or call 609-463-1187.