COURT HOUSE - A goldfish is a determined fish, able to withstand many environments from the carnival to the pond. 

As University of Washington Fishery Science grad Eric Harris recently discovered, goldfish are also at home in an experimental farming system called “Aquaponics.”  

Aquaponics is a simplified version of what happens in nature. The fish excrete waste that is converted to essential plant food by naturally occurring bacteria in the water. 

This nutrient rich water is then pumped to the plants where they grow hydroponically with no soil at all. As the water passes through the plant’s root system, it picks up nutrients from the plants and delivers that back to the fish.

This circular system makes for healthy plants and happy fish.  

While Harris was the engineer of the experimental farming system, the 12 little goldfish “farmers” were the true stars, growing many pounds of water cress, sprouts, and sunflower greens.

Harris has since decided to go back to the West Coast so his fish are in need of a new home. They have worked very hard and are eager to please.

Harris said they have contributed so much that they deserve a good home. 

If you would like to adopt six fish, contact