Cape Trinity Catholic School Pupils Make Blankets with Love

Fr. Yvans Jazon, parochial vicar of Notre Dame de la Mer Parish speaks with pupils at Cape Trinity Catholic School about their project to make blankets for homeless children.

NORTH WILDWOOD -- Cape Trinity Catholic School students are working hard to blanket homeless children with love.  According to a releasea, sixth-graders received donations of fleece fabric from Baum Textile Mills of New Jersey and Mill Yardage of New Hampshire for their service project: creating blankets for homeless children.

The service learning project got its start when art teacher, Sheila Nuss, read an article about Project Linus, an organization providing blankets to children suffering trauma, illness or need.  

Project Linus embraces the concept that children stressed by dire circumstances may derive a measure of comfort through a blanket of their own; like Project Linus, Cape Trinity Catholic students hope their handmade gifts will foster a sense of “love, security, comfort and warmth” for the young recipients.     

Shelby Boggs of Atlantic City Rescue Mission visited the class, explained how appreciated the blankets would be by mothers and children within the shelter.  

Curious young people bubbled over with questions, keeping Boggs long after class responding to their investigation of homelessness.  

Questions were astute and perceptive, and impressed Boggs and prompted the promise of a return visit.  

Fr. Yvans Jazon, parochial vicar of Notre Dame de la Mer Parish joined the class to celebrate their endeavor. He  spoke to students about the value of their work, and blessed the students’ efforts and their materials. 

He gave thoughtful meaning to the service project, explaining that students were not just providing warmth and security, they were blanketing children in need with their love.  

As students began their work, one young maker exclaimed, “I’m changing the world!”