Racing Mustangs Corralled by Retired Cop, Others

Michael Jolie and others who helped corral two racing mustangs June 1. 

CAPE MAY - On June 1 while driving on Route 9 toward the ferry, two “mustangs” appeared to be racing by me in the opposite direction.

What’s great about this is they were horses. Several other good Samaritans and I followed those horses as they ran past the Acme and made a left on Sheriff Taylor Boulevard, without signaling, and proceeded to run across Townbank Road into the adjacent development.

Luckily we were able to get a hold of those beautiful horses and protect them and the public from harm.

As an animal lover and former mounted police patrol in New York, it was truly a blessing.

This event made me late for dinner and knowing that nobody would believe me, I asked for one of the others to take the accompanying photograph.