After close to a decade as the County Purchasing Agent, Kim Allen was abruptly replaced in her position by Freeholder Director Jerry Thornton and Freeholder Marie Hayes in a move to push county government in a more political direction.

Allen was originally named acting purchasing agent in 2006. After obtaining her certifications she was formally appointed in 2008, and reappointed in 2011. Calling it a political position, Thornton and Hayes dismissed her qualifications without an explanation for her termination from county employment.

Recently, an appellate court reinstated a whistleblower lawsuit Allen brought against the county, alleging that Thornton retaliated against her for objecting to what she claims were improper activities in awarding political contracts by his family members. Her lawsuit cites various actions she took that are protected under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

Not to be outdone, Hayes was just censured by the Freeholder Board for retaliating against another female employee. She picked up a second conflict of interest censure, for trying to use her position to get unprecedented favors for a family member. Hayes defends herself by saying it’s just business as usual in Cape May County.

Meanwhile, Team Thornton and Hayes are trying to casually overlook their public condemnation of each other, and hope that the voters will overlook their abuses as well.

It’s time to drain the swamp in Cape May County.

Ordered and paid for by Casey and Gould for Freeholder 2700 Pacific Ave., Wildwood.