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Cape Regional is closed to visitors and is asking the public not to come as a show of support, even if they remain in their cars.

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COURT HOUSE - The Cape May County Chiefs of Police Association acknowledges and is thankful for the efforts of members of the community attempting to show support for front line employees at Cape Regional Medical Center. 

“We know that the efforts of the front-line employees are tireless, and they know that they do not go unnoticed. However, it is imperative during this State of Emergency that we continue to steadfastly practice social distancing,” stated Chief Paul Skill, president of the Cape May County Chiefs of Police Association. 

As such, the Association, in conjunction with Cape Regional Medical Center, is thanking members of the public for wanting to show support by planning “in car” gatherings in the parking lot of the Hospital; however, we are urging everyone to please refrain from organizing, supporting and attending such “gatherings."

“The team at Cape Regional Health System is grateful to our community for their support of our healthcare heroes on the front lines. We are also grateful and supportive of local law enforcement and first responders for their important role in enforcing the State of Emergency orders aimed at keeping us all safe. The themes of #stayhome and #socialdistancing are for the health and welfare of us all. Our hope is that soon, and very soon, we will be able to gather and celebrate how we overcame this challenge together – each doing our part,” stated Susan Staeger, marketing and public relations coordinator, Cape Regional Health System.

While the Association understands the sentiment behind the attempted “gatherings”, as Chief Leusner, President of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police said in his Op Ed last week to the Newark Star Ledger, the best way that we can help not only the first responders but also the front line health care workers is to “stay home”. 

The front line health care workers and first responders know that you are thankful and the best way that each and every one of you can show your appreciation is to stay home and not put yourself in a situation where you may have to come into contact with one of them.

The Association also reminds the members of the community that the same is true for any type of parking lot “gatherings”, whatever the purpose. They are ill advised and participating in the same violates the terms of the Orders entered during the current State of Emergency. 

Gov. Murphy has stated numerous times, the order to “just stay home is not a polite suggestion.” It is an urgent plea for residents to join in the fight to save lives – not only their own, but also first responders and front line health care workers risking their lives daily.

The measures adopted by our State are necessary to slow and stop the spread of the virus, so we can resume our normal lives. 

We thank each and every one of you for your support in our endeavor to eliminate “gatherings” of any type and look forward to seeing you all when the time is right.

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