Letters to the Editor 2017

To the Editor: 

In response to the letter to editor wherein the manager of Shore Animal Control (SAC), Linda Gentille defended operation of the organization and declaimed profit motive, I would like to comment.

I had earlier written to the Herald regarding the infamous gull case, SAC, and the unfortunate Edward Frost. In the closing of my letter, I had speculated on what might motivate Frost to decline the proffered plea bargain, and I made the surmise that perhaps he felt concern that he was suffering “prosecution for profit at the hands of a private enterprise.”

Gentille wrote a cogent response to my speculation, assuring us all that SAC would not profit one iota from this prosecution. Maybe so. That was not the point of my letter.

My point is simple, or so I think. This case should not be going to trial and whoever is pushing it along for whatever purpose or motivation is delusional. Stop! The case is a flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars, court and civic resources and prodigious quantities of time that I am certain, could be used to better purpose. The “victim” was a seagull, for heavens’ sake. Yes, protected by state and federal statute and international treaty. So what?

A bit of objectivity and perspective; since 2009 and the U.S. Airways “Miracle on the Hudson,” New York airports have slaughtered 70,000 birds, with the hope of precluding the need for a second miracle. Per a Guardian article published Jan. 14, 2017, "the most commonly killed were seagulls, with 28,000 dead.” Perhaps Frost should be given a shotgun and a box of shells and dispatched to Liberty Airport if found guilty.

Gentille states in her rebuttal, “Fortunately, there is a legal system and process to allow justice to prevail” before reminding us about the strong laws in New Jersey protecting animals from cruelty and extolling the virtues and good fortunes of SAC. What a blessing. Frost had better hope that Cape May County justice is tempered with wisdom, as I surmise that when this absurd process is finished, he will likely wish he was wearing the unfortunate decaying bird around his neck.