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Her Wish Comes True On a Horse Of Course

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By Al Campbell

Betty Dewes gets to ride a horse, her lifelong wish.

NORTH CAPE MAY – Some dreams may be fulfilled quickly, others take nearly 90 years.

That’s how long it took Betty Dewes, a resident at Victoria Commons, Townbank Road, to ride a horse.

Dewes “grew up with horses all her life and was always afraid to get on the back of one of them,” stated Angela Bean, activity director of the facility.

Dewes’ father would urge her to get on a horse “all the time but the fear would grip hold of her and she never did it,” Bean stated.
Victoria Commons recently held a “Make a Wish Social.” Dewes wrote that she wished to ride a horse at least one time.

Through some networking, Bean was able to arrange with a 4-H club to provide a horse, and did so with the assistance of one of Victoria Commons’ nurses Nancy Rothenberg. Assisting from 4-H were Lyn and Dakota, with her horse to make Dewes’ wish a reality.

On June 12, a month before Dewes turned 90, her long-held dream came true and her equine-riding wish was granted.
“It was such a special day for all of us. Nancy, Carol and Tabitha all came on their personal time to witness this happy day and assist and encourage her that she could do it,” stated Bean. “Thank you to all of them,” she added.

“A lesson for all of us to learn, we are never too old to try anything we really want to do,” Bean stated.
Dewes’ will turn 90 on July 25.

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