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Three Lower Township Residents Charged with Animal Neglect

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By Jack Fichter

ERMA — Three Lower Township residents were charged with animal neglect in municipal court here Thur. Feb. 3.

According to Lower Township Animal Officer Don Montgomery, all pleaded guilty.

Patrick Grace and Michelle Lee Damhardt of Erma, pleaded guilty of animal neglect. Montgomery said they were charged with failure to provide veterinary care and owning a potentially dangerous animal.
A cat, which was found to be seven pounds underweight, died at the county Animal Shelter, after being confiscated.

A dog, a shepherd-mix, was found to be 33 pounds underweight. It was ordered to be surrendered and will be euthanized. The dog allegedly bit a woman on two occasions, the owner and one other person.
Judge Thomas Hillegas suspended fines unless another incident with an animal occurs in the next six months.
They must pay a shelter fee of $572 and $33 in court costs.

In another case, Bill Gillen of Villas was charged with animal neglect. According to Montgomery, a minor child in the household purchased a dog, an English Pointer.
The dog was found running loose on Bayshore Road. Animal Control Officer Steve Flitcroft notified Montgomery of the poor condition of the dog. Montgomery said the dog appeared severely malnourished. He said a veterinarian confirmed the dog was 10-15 pounds underweight.

The dog was placed at county Animal Shelter until the court date. Gillen was ordered to pay a $522 fee to the county Animal Shelter, a $50 fine and $33 in court costs. Gillen was permitted to retrieve his dog from the shelter.

A veterinarian must see the dog in 30 days. Animal Control will conduct periodic inspections of the dog.

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Fri, 02/04/2011 - 6:17pm - Posted by: newnjgirl

A cat dies, a dog is euthanized, fines are suspended unless another icident occurs?? A malnourished dog is returned to owner? Something is wrong with this system!! These so & so s shouldn't have animals. I hope they take better care of their children!! My dogs are licensed, up to date with shots, fed well & sleep in my bed!

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