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Middle Township Streamlines New Business Development

Business | Mon, 07/15/2013 - 12:01 pm | Updated 1 year 39 weeks ago | Read 1415 | Commented 2 | Emailed 2

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE - Middle Township has created a new pre-application form for business owners who wish to operate in the township. The new form is one page, comes with no permit fee, and sets up an important dialogue between the operator of a new business and the township before the business takes important steps to operate in Middle Township.

“We are experiencing a great level of interest from new businesses that want to operate in Middle Township”, said Middle Township Mayor Dan Lockwood. “This new pre-application form encourages these businesses owners to begin a conversation with the township before they purchase property, sign a lease, buy necessary equipment, and other important decisions that result in a successful business operation in Middle Township”.

The new pre-application form was created by Middle Township Technical Assistance Construction Official Susan Copson, with input from Middle Township Planner Elizabeth Terenik and the Middle Township Economic Development Council. The form includes basic contact information including the owner of the new business, proposed number of parking spaces, proposed square footage of retail space, address, and contact information.

Once the pre-application form is completed, it will be reviewed by the zoning and construction office for compliance with zoning and construction issues. The new form will alert a potential business owner to any major issues which will save the owner both time and money while creating a positive dialogue with township officials. Many of the potential issues that come with new business development can be corrected very early in the development process.

“This is a proactive, business-friendly approach to furthering responsible business development that makes sense for Middle Township”, Mayor Lockwood said. “Our goal is to create a clear and sensible path for potential business owners. Too many times, it seems like there is one hurdle after another that can waste precious time and money in the development process. This form will help avoid some of the common pitfalls in the process and ensure that both our Zoning and Construction Offices are working from the same template. By starting this conversation on the right foot, we have a better chance of ensuring that new and improving businesses will enjoy a higher level of success and profitability in Middle Township”.

For more information and for a copy of the form, please visit the “construction” page at

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Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:10am - Posted by: Somewhere in Middle Twp


Thought the same thing. Wish they would remove the sandwich board at least.

I wonder if the window sign complies with the signage ordinance limiting size.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 8:21pm - Posted by: john

A wonderful new business for our town is the storefront on Main Street which has a prominent sandwich board outside ( as well as large window lettering ) advertising " 24 Hour BAIL BONDS ! Great addition to our town ....if you're a felon . Next , we need a pawn shop and a brothel . Way to go , committeemen - aka , the "job creators" .

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