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We Know McCain's History

Letters to the Editor | Wed, 10/29/2008 - 6:20 am | Updated 6 years 24 weeks ago | Read 1700 | Commented 0 | Emailed 1

By Frank Lupo

To The Editor: Last week, I just happened to be in a waiting rom when I noticed an elderly man wearing a ball cap that read “Tin Can Sailors Never Die.” Being a Tin Can (aka U.S. Navy Destroyer) Vietnam vet myself, I shook the man’s hand and said, “So am I.” Well, that started a string of WWII stories from the old timer telling how he had been on four destroyers, three of which had been sunk. He was a proud man as he was telling me of his adventures as his wife backed away, seemingly relieved that someone else was listening to what she has heard at least a thousand times. I was embarrassed to tell him of my Gulf of Tonkin tour because he would think I was in the Boy Scouts, not the United States Navy. I thought to myself, his war is so far removed from my lifetime that most of us fail to appreciate what sacrifices these Americans made for their country, I think it brought to light with this election when John McCain’s Vietnam War story is told it does not have much impact on today’s generation as the heroes of WWII’s deeds have shamefully slipped from me. Could it have been that long ago? With the politicians promising everything you want to hear, you know, new jobs, cut taxes, and like a man once said, a chicken in every pot. I myself am voting for the person. We know McCain’s history, Duty, Honor, Country, with 26 years of service to the country. Sen. Obama’s past is highly suspect with hardly any history, with less than a year of being a senator before running for president. Some people bring up their fears of one inexperienced vice president being put in a position to be president. If that’s the case, that would mean the president would have to die in office. On the other hand, someone could be put in as an inexperienced president without anyone dying. With the troubles around the world, this is no time for “On the job training.” FRANK LUPO Wildwood Crest

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