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By Pastor Rudy

I had to do something. As I battled through my physical and personal setbacks in 2007, I was noticing that the only area I was truly growing in was the amount of me that I was beginning to see in the mirror.
It’s amazing how comforting food can be when you are struggling through tough times. There were too many times during my painful pilgrimage that I found myself escaping into yesteryear with old classic television shows, sitting on my favorite chair and the only activity that really made me feel good was finishing off another half gallon of ice cream that I actually poured the sprinkles right into the container.
Did you ever notice that there are always consequences to our dumb decisions? At the time I rationalized that I deserved this “one break in my life” and at least it wasn’t alcohol or drugs I was turning to. And I reasoned that every person puts on a few pounds as they get older, but as I am knocking on the door of 50, I knew deep down inside that there are genuine health risks with my practice of eating like I was still 17- years-old.
I also noticed that I was always sluggish and getting tired way too easily. I couldn’t even run around our back yard bases when I was playing wiffle ball with my son Joel. And if you have ever been to The Lighthouse Church and seen me preach, you know that I put 110 percent of everything that I’ve got in every message and I caught myself “overheating” when I preached- because of my “overeating” when I was alone.
I went to the doctors and noticed that my blood pressure was approaching dangerous high levels and if I was serious about taking care of this temple that God calls my body- I better get proactive fast.
Now I’ve tried diets like so many of you have and like so many of you, I have never found one that works for the long haul. And then it took good friends like Tony and Jim and Mitch and Ed to introduce me to Weight Watchers.
I have to be honest. My first reaction was that it was a women’s thing but maybe that was just my smokescreen to keep me from going. It was because the accountability of a few good men that I took the step and headed over to Cape Regional on a Tuesday afternoon and decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did.
First and foremost, the leader of the session, Rosemary Mirenda, was top notch and definitely gifted at what she was doing. She made it personal and interesting and even possible. I have to admit that I even enjoyed it and got excited about this new venture. And the camaraderie I now share with my brothers as week to week we challenge and support one another, keeps me on the road to want to succeed. Never underestimate the power of team. Everything is so much easier when “two” replaces “just you.”
Maybe this is a commercial for Weight Watchers as I’ve dropped 13 pounds in my first month on “this way of life” and “not a diet” program. But I believe it is more a call to being a band of brothers and sisters for those who are hurting and need somebody to walk by their side if they are ever going to do something constructive about their problem areas.
It is one thing to tell somebody what they need to do. It is quite another to offer to walk with them through the valley so that with the aid of another, they will reach the heights once again. I was going to quote the old Hollies hit record “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother,” but I realized that it was because I was getting too heavy that I really needed my brothers and I am grateful for their love and company for I know I would have never done this on my own.
If you are noticing somebody in your sphere of influence struggling today, get involved and do what Jesus would do. He came alongside many that the world was passing by so that taking them by their hand, he would lead them to where they needed to be once again.
I know that I have got a long way to go, but I also know that I’ve got people, people who love me and people who care. Be that kind of “people” for those around you today. It sure makes the walk through life a little more pleasant and a little less fattening.
Maybe I’ll see you at the next Weight Watchers meeting. If I can do it, I assure you, anybody can.

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